Sacred Symbols and Their Meanings

Tree of Life

The sacred Tree of Life is an enduring symbol of the interconnectedness of earth, spirit and all living things.

From the ancient wisdom of a single seed grows the tree; deeply rooted to the earth it reaches toward the light. Enduring seasons of loss and renewal, the Tree of Life is a representation of spiritual growth.

Wearing the Tree of Life serves as a reminder to trust the divine wisdom inherent in each of us.

Family | Growth | Connection
Resilience | Strength | Wisdom
Maternal Feminine Energy

Compass Rose

Not all who wander are lost. The Compass Rose sometimes called a Rose of the Winds, represents spiritual direction, awakening and discovery.

The directions of the Compass Rose represent: infinite possibility, the present, the past, and the future.

Wear the Compass Rose to guide you toward your True North and to navigate the journey unfolding before you.

Self Discovery | Independence | Trust
Contemplation | Spiritual Direction


The Lotus is a universal symbol of purity, divinity, and rebirth. This beautiful flower grows out of mud, entering a full blossom when it emerges from the murky water.

The Lotus reminds us that the most revered things in our world often come from humble beginnings before becoming icons of serenity. Often adversity can serve as the path to an open heart.

Wear the Lotus as a talisman of divine renewal and resilience.

Transformation | Renewal | Beauty
Patience | Purity | Divinity
Awakening | Resilience

Anam Cara

Soul Friend

Anam Cara is Gaelic for Soul Friend. When you connect with another person and become completely open and trusting with that individual, your two souls begin to flow together. You have found your Anam Cara.

The symbol of this concept is engraved in the ancient Ogham alphabet, an early incarnation of the Irish language originally carved into standing stones.

Wearing the ancient Anam Cara marking, you extend an invitation to enjoy rich relationship with those in your lives and with yourself.

Soul Friend | Soul Mate
Relationship | Divine Connection
Authenticity | Acceptance | Belonging


Unicorns are magical, wild and enchanted creatures. The ultimate embodiment of virtue, the Unicorn is a universal symbol of wisdom and beauty. Even with tremendous power they are gentle and humble, bestowing healing and love throughout the world. In their presence we experience the ancient wonder and light that lives in each of our hearts.

Wear and embody the spirit of the Unicorn. Open your eyes to the magic in the world and inspire others to live in delight.

Freedom | Wisdom | Magic
Peace | Virtue | Beauty
Wildness | Wonder

Om or Aum

The sacred Om is called the seed sound, the original sound that all other sounds and worlds come from. The experience of Om is that of pure consciousness; a continuous vibration of the body, breath and awareness.

Each curve and line of the Om symbol represents a state of consciousness. Starting at the bottom left, there is the waking state, the deep sleep of the unconscious, and the dream state. The dot at the top represents an absolute state of consciousness, enlightenment. The crescent represents maya, the veil of illusion.

Wearing the Om symbol is a dedication to a deeper connection with the pulse of the universe.

Mindfulness | Being Present | Unity
Compassion | Consciousness

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