Unicorns are magical, wild and enchanted creatures. The ultimate embodiment of virtue, the Unicorn is a universal symbol of wisdom and beauty. Even with tremendous power they are gentle and humble, bestowing healing and love throughout the world. In their presence we experience the ancient wonder and light that lives in each of our hearts.… Continue reading Unicorns!

Energy Balancing with Crystals & Reiki

Crystal healing is a simple practice that helps to bring balance and wellness into our lives.  Although a popular modern day treatment, crystal healing has been practiced for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and India’s ancient system of Ayurveda.  Most Western holistic practitioners today use their crystal work to support the Chakra system – a… Continue reading Energy Balancing with Crystals & Reiki

Short Circuit Your “Critter Brain”

We all have three brains, we’ve got: the brain stem, the limbic system, and the cortex. When confronted with change, the brain stem freaks out a bit (or a lot), the limbic system generates emotions, reacting in a survival-focused mode, and the cortex tries to rationalize or make sense of all that; our brain (sometimes affectionately… Continue reading Short Circuit Your “Critter Brain”

Neuro-Linguistic Programming 101

Neuro-linguistic programming is a school of thought developed in California in the 1970s that focuses heavily on the fact that no one has a true understanding of reality. Rather, all people can only function based on our individual perceptions of it – our own maps, as it were. No two people have the same map,… Continue reading Neuro-Linguistic Programming 101