Heart & Soul

Anam Cara Life and our Consciousness Collection are deeply personal passion projects. Birthed from the knitting together of the very tools of transformation that helped us emerge from a dark and tumultuous period of health crisis and loss in our family.

Have you ever felt like you had a soul friend? Someone, or perhaps even a place that just felt familiar, like coming home, but maybe to a home you’ve never known but always longed for?

We’ve created powerful tools, in the form of our Consciousness Collection, that can help meet that primal need for connection and recognition, and promote joyful psychological and physical wellbeing. Read more below about the collection and the science behind our brand. Yes, science!

Anam Cara

= Soul Friend

Anam Cara is gaelic for “soul friend”, or friend of the soul; It provides a unique perspective and invitation to reflect upon, nurture, and and experience an ancient sense of belonging and unity in each of the four pillars of human experience: Mind, Body, Vibe, and Tribe.
We are dedicated to translating cutting-edge research from positive psychology to neuroscience, into practical strategies for your journey toward your truest, best self, and the life that you want!
The Anam Cara experience is one of deep and abiding love, acceptance, security, and belonging, one of coming home to the hearth of your soul with your supportive and welcoming tribe. All are welcome, we can’t wait to get to know you.

Anam Cara


About Anam Cara Life

Anam Cara Life is a lifestyle brand that promotes emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing around four core pillars: Mind, Body, Vibe, and Tribe. Our jewelry integrates a ritualized practice of daily wear that creates deep emotional connections.

Jewelry has had a special place in our lives for as long as we can remember. Some of our favorite family memories are of gently peeking through our mother’s and grandmother’s and godmother’s seemingly magical jewelry collections. At 3 and 5 years old, respectively, we were encouraged to reverently handle the delicate pieces as we listened to the life stories of the people who once wore these amazing artifacts from our history.

Heirloom jewelry pieces each have their own story to tell; they connect us to a period of time, a relationship, a momentous occasion, a life! The pieces of the Anam Cara Collection are truly special and will one day have a stories of their own to tell, as they mingle with the heirlooms of the past and support us through our journeys into the future.

We believe in creating jewelry pieces that grow and evolve with you throughout the seasons of your life. Our heirloom-quality designs and meditational offerings are rooted in yogic traditions, Transformational Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and positive psychology. They spark a positive mindset and provide tangible manifestation of your heart’s desire, a visible connection to invisible grace.

Each touch of this collection provides an influx of energy, and serves as a powerful reminder of the intentions and affirmations to help remodel old patterns of behavior and beliefs in need of an upgrade for a better, richer life experience.

Wishing you All Love, Light and Peace,

Shelby & Calvert

Shelby Thompson

Sisterpreneur | Designer | Unicorn Whisperer

About Shelby

Hello! I’m Shelby. My wife and I live in Reston, VA just outside of DC with our 3 puppies Roxie, Milo and Pebbles. I’m a proud Army wife (she retired last year after 20 years of service!).

After a successful career in international development in DC, shortly after our Mom was diagnosed with stage-4 ovarian cancer, I left my job to follow my heart and find a new way of living. Oddly, and serendipitously, my wife won a $5000 jackpot at a firehouse bingo night and she sent me to train with a goldsmith. I fell in love with making jewelry. And thus I embarked on this beautiful Anam Cara adventure with my best friend, my sister Calvert.

My sister and I come from a long line of scrappy entrepreneurs! So designing jewelry and designing a business with heart from the ground up has been wonderfully authentic, creative and generally awesome.

Anam Cara – means “soul friend” in Gaelic – as two sisters and best friends, our products and perspective are the combination of our two separate, but entwined, lives and passions. We found the concept from a book called Anam Cara that we read with our mom everyday when she was going through chemotherapy. It changed our lives.

Our passions have come together to create Anam Cara Life, where personal transformations are supported by soulful jewelry, meaningful connections and community.

I LOVE my job. I LOVE living authentically. I LOVE supporting and knowing our amazing tribe and being even a small part of so many experiences of transformation, healing and celebration. My heart is full. I’m ridiculous and flawed and beautiful. Most of all I am honored to live in service and always work to create and share beauty in the world.

Welcome to the Anam Cara Life tribe 🙂 Come as you are. You are so incredibly invited and we can’t wait to know you too!

with love and light,


Calvert Thompson

Sisterpreneur | Transformation Coach | Reiki Master

About Calvert

Hello! I’m Calvert; a self-professed certification junkie, nutrition science nerd and positive psychology champion. My passion, experience and skills from working in the health and wellness field for well over a decade are the foundation of my passion for helping others and in personal development and exploration.

My education and experience has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, emotional eating and food addiction, health and life coaching, and preventive lifestyle and nutrition protocols for patients living with fertility issues, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, and other so-called first-world diseases.

My unique transformational coaching method is rooted in cutting edge brain science, positive psychology, intuitive listening, and neurolinguistic programming. This highly effective, unique coaching method is proven to rapidly release old patterns and harness hidden potential in all areas of one’s life.

I’m a singer – from Opera to karaoke – I love it! I have a BA in Vocal Performance (Classical) and a Theatre Minor from VA Tech. I still perform and it lights up my heart! I am a big dog lover (I have big love for all dogs and particularly love big dogs); I live in wine-country in Western Loudoun on 10 acres with my husband.

with love and light,



The Consciousness Collection

Experiential jewelry that uplifts the mind, creates new neural pathways to help change old habits and behavior, serves as a reminder of unlimited possibility and joy- that also happens to be fashionable, beautiful, and totally customizable. WHAT!? Yes. It’s that cool!

We’ve integrated cutting-edge research in everything from positive psychology to neuroscience into gorgeous tools for your journey toward your truest, best self, and a life that you truly want.

Every Locket, charm, seed of intention holds special meaning that is deeply rooted in our hearts and minds. Wearing your pieces offers a deeper experience of connection to desire, joy, to transformation, to celebration, and recovery. Each piece is uniquely yours, telling a rich personal story that you choose.

We love our tribe!

These earrings were absolutely perfect as a gift for my bridesmaids. The ability to mix and match made it easy to customize each piece to match their personalities and experiences. Packaging was lovely. I gave my Maid of Honor the compass rose locket - she is my true north!

Absolutely gorgeous! The rings are customizable which ended up being absolutely perfect for me and my daughter! Really helping with her anxiety (and mine). The customer service was great, very quick to respond. Couldn't be happier and will buy again!

Truly lovely! My Mother was delighted. Can't wait to get my sisters lockets to match. Thank you!

This was a gift for a friend and she loves it. The craftsmanship is beautiful and the design is really unique.

These earrings are really beautiful and my wife wears them all the time. Will be back thanks again!

This was a piece was a gift for my mother. It was personalized with the meaning of the stones and symbols which helped communicate the exact message and meaning of the gift. My mother cried when she received her necklace. Thank you immensely for taking the time to bringing my vision to life.

Stunning design, unique and full of soul. My locket and seeds are a daily inspiration. Love love love!