Neuro-Linguistic Programming 101

Neuro-linguistic programming is a school of thought developed in California in the 1970s that focuses heavily on the fact that no one has a true understanding of reality. Rather, all people can only function based on our individual perceptions of it – our own maps, as it were. No two people have the same map, as no two people take the same journey in this world. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a therapeutic tool that allows you trace your personal map backwards and examine the experiences that have brought you to the present. At the same time, it provides a jumping off point for creating a plan for your future.

The conscious and unconscious mind both play a role in our life decisions, but they don’t always work together effectively. NLP helps to bridge the language barrier between these two parts of the brain. For those interested in personal development and the realization of goals, establishing this connection is very important. Because NLP puts things in terms of a map, the idea is fairly simple: people with vast, detailed maps are presented with the greatest number of pathways and choices. From this increased number of choices, wisdom is derived.

NLP fits very naturally into life and health coaching. NLP is a somewhat complex therapy; individuals can practice it in a personal setting, but it is most potently effective for you with guidance from a coach. Coaches trained in NLP are familiar with the science and psychology of the treatment in order to provide as transformative an experience as possible. As its title would suggest, NLP is more or less a tool to help you learn the language of your own brain. It helps to ‘reprogram’ our brains out of bad habits and into good ones.

There are many avenues to realizing the full potential of NLP. One route is the use of healing rituals and tokens, such as the beautiful and unique jewelry that can be found under the Collections tab. These intricate pieces are great as gifts or tokens for yourself. The designs are crafted to provide inspiration and guidance as you work towards your aspirations. Having a wearable piece of encouragement is an invaluable way to stay on track with pursuing your new life path. We’ll even work with you to help craft a personalized bracelet, ring or necklace full of personal meaning and inspiration unique to you or your loved one.

You are on a very specific, individual journey. Our true passion lies in helping you unlock your full potential. Everyone has habits they’d like to be free of, and life coaching using NLP can help you get there. Allow this therapy into your subconscious to help raise new questions and find new and healthier paths. It’s more than just a tool; it’s an attitude. An attitude of positivity and determination that will help you achieve the unique goals you have for your life.

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