outta the head and into the body

By May 15, 2017November 1st, 2017Diet, Physical
When you can’t stand being in your head, go to the body!
I discovered (rediscovered for the millionth time) today one of my favorite lifeline tips:
When you’re feeling crummy, when you really can’t stand to be in your head and nothing seems to feel or be going right, ask yourself how you really want to be feeling and change your list of to-do items to  things that will get you feeling like that.
For example, If you want to feel beautiful, then do things that make you feel beautiful.  paint your nails, read a sexy story, walk barefoot in your yard and pretend you’re Lady Godiva…whatever gets you feeling the way you want to feel.
Today, I felt out of control, bummed, kind of a victim with no empowered choices available to me. What I wanted to be feeling was the complete opposite of all that.  I wanted to feel STRONG, empowered, capable, lifted up, on the right track…
The only thing I could think to do was to go work out as I’d planned to do.  I thought, “I can definitely accomplish that. I can lift this damn dumbbell wherever I want it to go, I can jump up and down if I damn well please, I can look at that kettlebell and say ‘i’m going to swing you!’ and then just do it!”  And I did.  A little while into this routine I noticed that I was taking dance breaks between sets, boogeying to Macklemore and DJ Kahlid’s ‘All I do is Win’, and I thought…I am winning right now! I felt like hell, but here I am doing things I put my mind to, I”m accomplishing something!  It’s super simple and maybe silly, but that’s kind of the point.
If you feel disempowered, do something, ANYTHING. Do it to prove that things can be done. Do it to break the thought cycle of “nothing works and I can’t do anything because everything is just too much.”  If what you’re thinking of trying to do to break out of your thoughts is too hard, then pick something else.  See that shoe you left in your living room last night?  Make up your mind to go pick it up.  That’s right!
See that book left open?  Yessir, you can walk over and close that darn book and show it who’s boss. Immediately the messaging in your head will begin to shift from “can’t” to “yes I did!”.
love and light,

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