lockets hold seeds of intention™ inscribed with powerful messages
Pendant connectors are interchangeable! Connect lockets and charms to effortlessly express your personal style day-to-day.
Sacred Symbols: Compass Rose, Lotus, Om, Tree of Life + Unicorn

This is No Ordinary Locket...

Choose seeds of intention™ as your journey unfolds
Physical grounding to calm the mind and body
Heirloom quality + legacy of love
More than pieces of jewelry. Pieces of Who. You. Are.
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seeds of intention™ are solid Sterling Silver and 14k Gold with smoothed edges designed to stimulate the senses
simply snap seeds of intention™ into your locket with the message facing in or out and carry it with you
seeds of intention™ come in 2 sizes and fit perfectly fit into our small and large lockets

seeds of intention™

Powerful messages express your heart's deepest desire
Affirm and create your life with every word and thought
Plant seeds + grow with intention
Be YOU. On Purpose.
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Step 1: Choose your band width
Step 2: Select your custom stack of spinners
Step 3: We will handcraft your unique piece

Meditation Spinner Rings

Choose your stack + consciously connect in the present moment
Use similar to prayer or mala beads, take a mantra for a spin!
Reduce anxiety with every turn (the ultimate fidget spinner)
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pendant bail enhancer
Choose your favorite design
Slip on charms and lockets + snap into place

Pendant Connector Bails

Bails connect interchangeable pendants and charms
Slip on and off necklaces to change the length and style
Personalize and style your look as often as you like
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Connect charms to your earrings or necklace

Mix + Match Charms

Healing stones + sacred symbols
Select, collect and layer your charms
Align with chakras, zodiac, elements + energy
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Signature Anam Cara shape compliments lockets, charms and seeds of intention™
Slip on your favorite charm to dangle stones and symbols


Jewelry essential: favorite ‘go-to’ earrings
Dangle healing stones + sacred symbol charms
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Carved links with ancient Ogham script, inscribed with Anam Cara (meaning Soul Friend)
Chains come in 16”, 20″, 24” and 36” – perfect for layering and complimenting any neckline
You’ll love the feeling and the look of solid Sterling Silver links


Tribe Favorite (you will fall in love with this necklace)
Inscribed with the Anam Cara signature, meaning Soul Friend
Style unique looks with bails, lockets and charms
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Sterling Silver + genuine stones

Stacking Rings

Stones and designs to match your mood and style
Layer your stacks + wear everyday
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unicorn gift
Beautifully packaged and guaranteed to warm the heart and lift the spirit
Unique gifts from the heart infused with personal meaning
From our hearts and hands to yours. Our jewelry is made for YOU + your TRIBE! We believe in self-care, living with intention, gratitude, grace and courage. Spread the love.

Gifts of the Heart

Beautiful + meaningful + unique + unforgettable
Celebrate birthdays, holidays and anniversaries
Commemorate engagements, motherhood, and new beginnings
Nourish relationships with family, friends and your beautiful self
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Unique Design Features

This is no ordinary locket. The innovative design of our heirloom quality lockets are containers for seeds of intention™, precious metals in our signature seed shape inscribed with powerful messages.  Choose your message and snap it into your favorite locket; facing in or out, the choice is yours.

The designs include reliefs and are significantly heavier than a typical locket in order to provide a tactile experience.

Each piece includes a guided daily ritual to support your connection to your heart’s deepest desire. Repeat your mantra as you might use prayer or mala beads. Meant to be worn every day. They are more than pieces of jewelry, these are pieces of Who. You. Are.

Infused with positive energy, and inscribed with powerful messages, intentions and affirmations, seeds of intention are talismans of transformation and celebration throughout the seasons of your life.

What do you most need to hear to have permission to live your bravest, best life? Select your messages HERE

embrace imperfection | blessed | i am enough | i am worthy | i am powerful | breathe | be present | anam cara (written in Ogham) | unicorn whisperer | i am beautiful | trust the process | namaste | i choose peace | fearless | grounded | joyful | happy | i am confident | balance | love

Anam Cara Life’s unique bails provide easy interchangeability of lockets and charms so you can mix and match pendants and chains to effortlessly express your personal style. Simply slip your bail onto your chain, slip the locket and charms over the back loop of the bail and snap into place.

Our signature system offers ease of use and maximum protection while offering the versatility and personalization you love!

Our stack & spin™ Meditation Rings help focus thoughts, prayers, breath and energy. The textured wide band features a customizable selection of unique spinning outer bands. Choose your stack and take them for a spin!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Choose your band width

Step 2: Select your custom stack of spinners

Step 3: We will handcraft your unique piece

Leveraging principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology, techniques such as spinning, encourage physical awareness and can reduce mental anxiety by displacing destructive coping methods (nail-biting, fidgeting, picking, lip-biting, etc.) with healthy emotional self-regulation.

Consciously connecting with your ring in the present moment invites ease into your mind and body. Repeat a mantra as you might use prayer or mala beads. Anchor your breath with every turn and find ease in a healthy self-soothing practice.

These versatile hoop earrings are gorgeous worn solo, and are designed to incorporate your favorite charms to create a unique look infused with personal meaning. Mix and match symbols, stones and shapes – go wild and express yourself!  To customize and layer your look, simply pick your favorite charms and easily slip them onto your earring base and click the latch into place.

Meaningful charms are interchangeable, designed to easily slip onto your necklace or earrings. Designed to be layered to deepen your connection to the intentions and reminders anchored into each piece. Change your pieces to match outfits and moods – a unique opportunity for personal expression. Shop charms HERE

Our signature Station Necklace features solid Sterling Silver links, artfully carved with an ancient Ogham script, inscribed with Anam Cara (meaning Soul Friend). Striking enough to wear on its own or to compliment a layered look for your lockets and charms. Choose your chain to create a signature look.

Compass Rose
Contemplation – Spiritual Direction – Self Discovery – Independence- Trust

Renewal – Transformation – Beauty – Patience – Purity -Resilience – Awakening – Divinity

Om or Aum
Mindfulness – Being Present – Unity – Compassion – Consciousness

Anam Cara – Ogham Carving
Soul Friend – Soul Mate – Relationship – Divine Connection – Authenticity – Belonging

Tree of Life
Family – Growth – Connection – Wisdom – Maternal Feminine Energy – Resilience – Strength

Wisdom – Power – Magic – Peace – Virtue – Beauty – Wildness

Learn more about sacred symbols HERE


Anam Cara Life stones have been selected for their healing and energetic properties.  Curious? Learn about the different properties and meaning associated with each stone HEREThe collection features: Amethyst, Carnelian, Jade, Lapis, Malachite, Onyx, Opal, Rose Quartz, Turquoise and Tiger’s Eye.